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Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's In My Beach Bag & Beach Tips

Hey Everyone!

I seen numerous people who have showed the world what is in their beach bag and myself too, have hopped on the bandwagon to show all you what I keep in mine. My beach bag is from Victoria Secret and I bought it from an outlet in Michigan. 

Beach Must Haves:
A towel is a must when going to the beach to sit and lay on! It would be a good idea to bring a second towel either for a friend or for drying off because you don’t want to use the one that you have been sitting on, it’s full of sand!

I really don’t know how people can walk in sneakers on the beach. I tried it once and I did not last very long in them! A pair of flip flops is ideal for when the sand is too hot and you don’t want to go barefoot! I purchased my gold glittery flip flops as Ardene.

Hydration is extremely important when you are outside in hot weather! I bring multiple bottles with me whenever I visit the beach. TIP: Bring a cooler to keep your water and snacks cold.

A pair of sunglasses can be stylish yet very protective from the blazing sun! I bought mine from Ardene for $2 CAD. You can’t go wrong with aviators!

A lot of people forget to protect their lips while at the beach and having sunburned lips is not fun!  I use ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink which has on SPF of 15. It smells great and gives your lips a slight pink tint!

Sunscreen should be in every single person’s beach bag! I like the Hawaiian Tropic brand and it has an SPF of 30. Of course you can get something with a higher SPF, but that is what I had on hand. This is a non-greasy formula, it is oil free and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your ears and on the tops of your feet!

I bring tanning oil with me because I like to get the most out of my tan! I like the Banana Boat brand because it smells incredible and I appreciate that there is a nozzle to spray the product out of because the oils with the cap you pour out of can get messy. Not to mention that you waste a lot of the product by pouring it right out of the bottle!

After you are done tanning, make sure to put on some Banana Boat Moisturizing Aloe After Sun Lotion! I have been using this for years and it contains pure aloe vera and vitamin e which both soothes your skin as well as prolongs your tan!

A hat to keep your head protected! The sun was very strong when I went to the beach and there were minimal clouds. My hat came in handy! I bought mine in Buffalo at Love Culture.

Pretzels and other snacks that are not too heavy on the stomach such as fruit and vegetables. Make sure to give yourself enough time between eating and going into the water!

A portable charger is key to bring because there are usually no outlets anywhere to plug your phone into if it is dead. This will solve your problem!

Beauty Must Haves:
The sun and the water can really dry-out your hair! That is why I bring some kind of hair oil or conditioner with me whenever I am at the pool or the beach. I am currently using the Garner Fructis Marvellous Oil which is perfect to bring along! I also bring a wide tooth comb to get all the knots out of my hair and a hair tie to put my hair up if needed.

I am that girl that will go to a beach with a full face of makeup and I have to bring makeup wipes with me in-case I need to touch up or take it all off! The packaging with the pineapples is just too cute from Rue 21. 

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes or baby wipes is ideal to bring to the beach! I brought along my Honeydew Cooler Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel from Bath & Body Works.

A body mist or splash is perfect to refresh yourself throughout the day! I am using the Total Flirt Body Mist from PINK which has notes of apple blossom and freesia!

Also to freshen up, I usually bring a deodorant with me. I’ve been using the Dove Dry Spray in the scent Cool Essentials. 

I didn’t have any on hand, but you can always bring a few magazines to flip through or grab a great book to put in your bag! Or bring your iPad or Kindle to read them on!

I listen to music on my iPhone and I always make sure to have a pair of headphones with me whenever I go to the beach.

If your friends are athletic, bring a frisbee, volley ball, football, beach ball or soccer ball with you! Some beaches have courts you can use!

If you have a dog, bring your dog along so that you share the memories together!

Until next time,


Berrz <3

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