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Thursday, August 4, 2016

DIY: Drying Out Flowers & Arranging Them

Hey Everyone!

Since it is wedding season, many of us have been surrounded by some gorgeous floral arrangements. It is a shame to let these beautiful flowers go to waste and that is why I decided to dry them out to preserve them. I took flowers from the centre piece at one wedding and the other flowers were from my bouquet of another wedding that I was part of.

To dry them out, take a rubber band and tie it over the stems but don't tie it too tight. You then will want to hang the flowers upside down to dry. I hung them in my basement because it is more cool down there. They hung down there on a hook for about 2-3 weeks. If you don't want to hang them up to dry, you can also put them in a brown paper bag to dry out with the stems poking out of the bag after you tie with a rubber band. You want to do this so that no air comes inside and if you are worried about the circulation, you can always poke some holes in the bag. You can preserve them with hairspray once they are dried out but I skipped that step.

One of the heads of the flowers did come off and I just glued it with a glue gun. Another tip I want to mention is to envision how you want your bouquet to look like before you start trimming the stems. I arranged it before making all the necessary cuts. I already had a glass vase in my house so I used that for the flowers to be placed in and then I cut a piece of ribbon to go around it for a little extra touch. That is of course optional and I will end up changing the ribbon one day once I get tired of the current one.

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