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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Benefits & Uses of Orange Blossom Water

Hey everyone! If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you may remember the post that I wrote on The Benefits of Rose Water. I recently finished my second bottle of it and I shared it with you in my February Empties. When I went to the grocery store to purchase another bottle, I realized that they didn't have any rose water in-stock. I took that opportunity to try-out Orange Blossom Water and I wanted to share with you the benefits as well as uses of it. It is widely popular in France and The Middle East!

- As a toner
- To set your makeup (finishing spray)
- As a body spray (it is already used in many perfumes so why not make your own?)
- As an ingredient in your DIY body scrub
- A pillow mist (just put some product into a sprayable bottle)
- Add a few drops into the water of your iron for a lovely fresh scent
- When baking (crepes & macarons)
- Adding it into your coffee, tea or water
- In your homemade salad dressing
- Neroli Oil is used in aromatherapy (Orange Blossom Water is distilled from the Neroli Blossom from the orange bitter tree.)

- Soothes & relaxes nerves (great for using before bed)
- Known for its calm & comforting properties (good for those with anxiety)
- Helps to make the skin smooth & soft
- Reduces redness
- Orange is great for both oily & sensitive skinned people
- It increases collagen production
- When used in a hair conditioner, it can strengthen and make the hair shiny!
- It has lots of antispasmodic properties which can help relax muscles

If you are wondering, I purchased mine at the store for about $3 which is cheaper than the product that I linked. This is 100% pure Orange Blossom Water and it is from Lebanon. You are getting 250 ml which lasts me about a year and it does have an expiration date (just like rose water does,) so be mindful about that! This is definitely an underrated product that is very versatile and great for your health!

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FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I purchased this product myself and some links are affiliate. 

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