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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why You Should Declutter Your Makeup Collection

Hey everyone! Every now and again, we can lose track of exactly how much makeup that we actually own. I am guilty of this as well and the best way to go about this is to put some time aside, pull out ALL (I mean every single item, even makeup in your purse as well as in your car.) You will then want to put it in-front of you and start creating different piles. Makeup that you are going to: keep, donate, recycle or give away to friends and family. I suggest you break it up into different categories based on the type of product so that you don't overwhelm yourself. 

Makeup does go bad and I have an entire post explaining Makeup Expiration Dates as well as how to find the open jar symbol on your products. I follow it to a certain extent but I only keep mascara for up to 3 months before I recycle them using the Origins Recycling Program because I do not want any bacteria near my eyes nor do I want an eye infection! Keeping expired makeup in your collection doesn't do you any favours and it just clutters your collection. 

It is definitely nice to have a makeup collection but you need to be realistic and there are times when your collection can get out of hand. There is no sense having 100 different lipsticks that were all accumulated around the same time because chances are, you won't be able to use them all up! You can either pass them along or if they are untouched, find a local women's shelter and let them have some fun with those lipsticks!

When you begin to declutter, it can seem like an impossible task at first, and I get it. I suggest that you start small and get rid of 5-10 items to start. You can set small goals and then make larger goals for yourself once you become more comfortable with the process. As long as you start somewhere, that's all that really matters. To give you some encouragement, don't think of how much money each products cost or how much money you are 'throwing away.' After all, the money has already been spent and if you no longer have the receipt to return it, what use is the makeup just sitting in your collection not being used?

I hope you find some encouragement in my post. I also would urge you to declutter other areas of your life such as: your wardrobe, the pantry, your living room, the car, etc. It is such a great feeling of letting go and to pass on to others who will enjoy your unused or gently used items. Spring cleaning is right around the corner and what better time to start clearing out your makeup collection than now?

Also, in the ziploc bag in my photo, I have obviously combined my empty makeup containers with products that I am decluttering. 

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