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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why You Should Apply Sunscreen On Your Face

Hey everyone! I'll be honest with you: I wasn't wearing sunscreen on my face regularly in the past and I definitely wasn't aware of the risks that come with not wearing a good sunscreen. I had no idea what the importance of wearing it daily was and I thought that having a face cream with an SPF of 15 was good enough. Even some makeup products have a low SPF such as BB Creams and CC Creams that I thought were sufficient. I want to let you some important information that I wish I had known about years ago!

Not only does sunscreen protect your face from getting burned and from getting wrinkles, it also lowers your risk from getting skin cancer. It helps block out those harmful UV rays and helps protect your face. There is a common misconception that sunscreen can clog your pores, leave white residue behind and break you out. I have even had some people tell me that they hate the smell of it. That can be true when using some sunscreens, but you need to find a sunscreen that works best for you. There are different claims and ingredients on the different bottles. I suggest your start researching and doing your homework to find one that oil-free as well as water-based.

I recently visited my Dermatologist's office and she told me that I need to start using an actual sunscreen with at least an SPF of 60 on my face from now on. I did listen to her and I purchased Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 60. I have heard this is going to be discontinued or that it already is, but I'm not sure. All I know is that I really enjoy using it and I mix it in with my moisturizer in the morning before I apply any makeup to my face. It absorbs quickly, it doesn't leave a white residue, doesn't have that typical sunscreen smell that people dislike, it feels lightweight on the skin and it is affordable.

Also keep in mind that you can still tan even though it is cloudy outside because after all, the sun peaks through the clouds and the winter time is no exception to skip using your sunscreen! Make sure to protect your face regularly and pick-up a sunscreen today if you aren't already using one!

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