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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

VELD Outfits, My Experience & Festival Tips

Hey Everyone!

I attended VELD for the first time and I was so excited to attend the event because I had been wanting to go for years! I wanted to show everyone what I wore and to give all my readers some tips to plan ahead before attending the highly anticipated festival of the summer.


Outfit Details:
Choker - I made it myself. Check out this blog post of mine where I show you an easy DIY to make your very own Choker!
Mirrored Sunglasses - Ardene $2 CAD
Bralette - Sabo Skirt
VIP Wristband & Yellow VELD Bracelet were sent to me in the mail after I purchased my ticket
Black Hat - Lids
Camo Fanny-pack - Urban Planet
High Waisted Distressed Shorts - Hope's
Black Converse

I want to start off my saying that I am glad that I got VIP! What is included in VIP: free water (until they run out,) free parking, VIP only bar and washrooms, 19+ tent with seating and furniture, line by-pass and you need to have a VIP wristband to get bottle service. 

The line-ups for alcohol were very minimal, the free water really helped me stay hydrated all day and the free parking was awesome! The only thing I wasn't a fan of were the line-ups to get food. We were in line for 20 minutes and barely even moved. Steve Aoki came on the main stage and I decided to leave to line because I didn't want to miss any of his performance. The photo above shows the main stage from the front of the VIP area to give you an idea how far away you are from the stage. Of course, you can always go into the GA area to get closer to the stage.  

What was a great idea is that you can link your credit card to your wristband so that you can pay with your wristband instead of your credit card. The event was cashless! You had to register your VELD wristband anyway online so might as well add your credit card too while you're at it! Another great idea is that they had a VELD app for users to be able to: customize their schedule, take photos, listen to the playlist and to find their friend if they lost them in Downsview Park.

Galantis was incredible live and I would be fine with attending an event with just them performing. Yellow Claw, Steve Aoki and DVBSS were also acts on my must see list! However, I found deadmau5's performance to be disappointing live. Don't get me wrong, he is a genius in what he does but I didn't care to stay for his set to be over. 


 Outfit Details:
Mirror Sunglasses - Ardene $2 CAD
Fringe Halter Bathing Suit Top - Target
Black Fringe Shorts - GUESS
Black Studded Combat Boots - Hautelook
Black Gold Studded Backpack - Marshalls
Fringe Lightweight Cardigan - Hope's

I put this over my outfit at night when the temperature dropped during both days!

In case you were wondering, there are a ton of porta potties on-site to use. With 60,000-70,000 people attending the event, they weren't always the cleanest but when nature calls, you need to go! There were also water refill stations throughout the venue, a ferris wheel, an inflatable area that you could joust in and an enormous water slide! I went down the water slide twice on the second day! You have to be over 70 lbs and under 300 lbs to ride it. You can't wear sunglasses or bracelets and a team member will gladly hold your items for you. They don't mess around and they have someone putting baby shampoo and baby oil on the slide. You get a lot of air time and fly down the slide! Don't forget your bathing suit because it is mandatory to ride the water slide! 

I also felt that the merchandise was fairly priced. I was comparing it to other concerts that I have gone to such as Drake's concert were t-shirts were $45-$50 CAD. 

 On the second day, there was rain which delayed the gates from opening. They finally did open the gates and I was glad that I wore combat boots that day! I also upgraded to a backpack to keep my towel in for when I went on the water slide. We went closer to the stage on the second day and there were some amazing performances! Dzeko and Torres are pictured above performing on the main stage.

I was torn because Kygo and Travis Scott were performing at the same time but just on different stages. It broke my heart when I learned that Travis Scott was not coming anymore because of something that happened with his flight. They managed to get Majid Jordan to perform on the Terra Stage at the last minute to replace Travis Scott. The Chainsmokers went on the same time as Excision but on different stages and I found The Chainsmokers to be mediocre live. They had cool effects with the fire and lights but, something was lacking. We walked over to the Terra Stage to see Excision and I am so glad that we made that executive decision! 

Excision (on the right,) threw down on the Terra Stage and was phenomenal live! Ephwurd was before Excision and they were INSANE live! I didn't know much about them before VELD but now, I can't stop listening to them! Kygo went on the main stage before Garrix and I wasn't really a fan. His music is too mellow for me. Other people seemed to enjoy it which was awesome. Martin Garrix closed VELD and his set was everything! Hearing him play Virus live was something that words can even describe! I was so glad that they chose him to close! 

The worst was trying to get out of the actual park after the festival was done because there were so many people. There are shuttles offered from certain areas in the GTA which I will look into next year.   I also want to check out Digital Dreams next year which is very similar to VELD and ULTRA Miami is definitely on my bucket list! 

- Check online what you can and can't bring into VELD before attending! 
- Bring an empty water bottle into VELD to refill at the water stations. STAY HYDRATED!
- Your cigarettes, gum, lip gloss, food and tampons has to be factory sealed
- Have a buddy system and make sure you have a general meeting point in-case you get split up
- You are allowed to bring cream based sunscreen into VELD (not ones in aerosol cans)
- You are outside for the entire event so be sure to bring a hat and sunglasses
- Bring a portable charger for your phone
- I brought factory sealed makeup wipes with me in-case I needed them and I would suggest bringing wet wipes because a lot of the hand sanitizer stations didn't even work!
- Pace yourself to get the full experience - Don't rush it!
- Bring a poncho! (I had to use one on the second day!)
- Bring extra clothes if you think it is necessary for the ever changing weather conditions 
- I upgraded to a backpack on the second day and I am glad that I did! Bring a backpack!
- Plan your schedule ahead of time so that you don't miss any artists that you actually want to see
- Make time to eat and take a break from it all!
- If you have any questions, VELD representatives are walking around and are willing to answer any of your questions!
- If you feel ill, locate a member from the numerous medical teams stationed around the grounds. DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP!
- Leave your valuables at home!


Until next time,


Berrz <3

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