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Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Empties

Hey Everyone!

Here is a closer look at all the products that I finished up this month!

OXY - Emergency Acne Vanishing Facial Cleanser - This is formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion and claims to ‘rapidly kill acne bacteria to quickly help heal acne blemishes.’ This consistency was too liquid-y and I felt that it rand right through the spaces between my fingers even if they were closed. It did have a rather strong smell to it and I did have to really moisturize my skin afterwards because this was rather drying. Also, it is medicated and there is an expiration date on the back of the bottle towards the bottom so keep an eye-out for that!

Biore - Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (8 count) - You already know that I love using pore strips. I have recently heard that they may not be the best solution for your skin, but I will continue to use them because I love the results that it gives my pores! It also gives instant gratification by seeing all the blackheads and whiteheads that have come out of your pores to achieve a deep clean!

The Face Shop - Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strips - Here is the thing about this product, I tried to make it work but it did not work for me! Step 1 tells you to wash your face and then apply the ‘blackhead out nose strip’ for 10-15 minutes. I felt that it was too thick and kept moving around on my nose, not really sitting well or adhering well to my skin. I left mine on for 15 minutes and when I took it off, you are supposed to use cotton swabs to remove blackheads. I felt like some of my whiteheads, (I don’t get blackheads often,) loosened but they did not come right out like I imagined they would. 

Now during step 2 was where I had the most trouble. The directions tell you to clean the bridge of your nose and then go in with the ‘pore tightening nose sheet.’ I peeled off the backing and applied to to my nose for 20 minutes. I peeled it off and I felt that nothing had happened. I generally apply the Biore Pore Strips to a wet nose and tried using the other side of the strip that was not sticky to my wet nose making sure to leave it on for about 15 minutes but nothing happened! I was disappointed in this product and felt that I had wasted both my time as well as my money on it. Would definitely not recommend this item. I have loved everything I have purchased or received from The Face Shop in the past and this product really caught me off-guard!

The Face Shop - The Solution Moisturizing Face Mask (1 single-use face mask) - The hot weather has really been drying out my skin lately and simply applying moisturizer has not been cutting it for my lately. I wanted another option to bring moisture back into my skin and this really did it for me! I felt as though my skin drank up this face mask and there wasn’t much essence to pat into my skin face after removing the sheet mask. I also liked that it is marketed as a ‘light-as-Air Sheet’ that is only 0.21 mm and is semi-transparent. It really fit my face better and I have found other sheet masks that I have used in the past too thick and this was really ideal for me to use!

Bath & Body Works - Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Boardwalk Vanilla Cone - I could be wrong, but this may be the last back-up I have of this scent! I know I have featured this scent a lot in my previous blog posts. This is the old bottle and formula. Bath & Body Works has completely re-done the packaging and the new formula is now green.

Bath & Body Works - Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Honolulu Sun - To be honest with you, I had high hopes for this scent just based on reading the description alone which said that it consists of: ‘fresh island coconut and pacific palm.’ I didn’t really smell either of those fragrances and got tired of the scent half-way through the bottle.

Nature’s Bounty - Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin (80 gummies) - This product needs no introduction because it is a staple in my beauty routine. My nails are currently extremely strong and growing fabulously mainly due to this inexpensive product!

Sally Hansen - Hard As Nails Hardener - I can’t tell you how many of these that I have gone through and this product really works! I will continue to purchase this product for as long as they make it or until I find something better which is highly unlikely!

Bath & Body Works - Scentportable in Watermelon Lemonade - I have been using this product for years in my car but I have always forgotten to show you the label! This is a nice refreshing smell that is perfect for summer time. The only thing that I dislike about these scentportables is that the scent doesn’t last for more than 3 weeks for me and in the summer months, they can get quite warm to the touch in my car.

Jelly Belly - Minnie Mouse Special Edition - I received this as a gift for my birthday and I absolutely love the packaging! There are delicious flavours inside such as: Berry Blue, Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Cherry Passion Fruit and Strawberry Cheesecake!

Gillette - Venus Swirl Razor - This came with one razor and two refillable cartridges. I wanted to try it out because there was a lot of hype about it. I had seen numerous commercials and it happened to be on sale when I walked into Wal-Mart that day. The packaging also caught my eye because it said that it was new, had a flexi - ball (which I was intrigued about,) and it mentioned on the packaging that it ‘contours better to tricky areas for a flawless shave.’ I liked the idea behind it but I felt that there was so much going on with this razor and the razor head was too large for my liking. It is great if you are shaving your legs like it showed on the commercial, but I epilate my legs. It is also good to shave your armpits with but overall, I still love my BIC Soleil razors because they are small, disposable and get the job done!

Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths (25) - I have used these in the past and they are an amazing product. They are durable enough to take off all of my makeup and they do not break while I am doing so. The cloths themselves are soft and gentle enough for sensitive skin. I will definitely purchase a pack of these when I run out of my current makeup wipes.

Caudalie - Vinoperfect Radiance Serum - I have been hearing a lot of people talking about this brand lately and I was glad to have finally been able to try it out. This is an oil-free formula that should be used on the face, neck and décolleté. It is complexion correcting and helps reduce dark spots, acne marks as well as acne scars. I feel like I would have to test out this product more to really be able to speak about it more. However, I tried searching it online on Sephora Canada and it told me that this item is restricted in Canada. I don’t know what is going on with this product and I feel like I would either have to find another retailer here that sells the product or I would have to purchase it in the USA.

Dr. Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Face (1 individual towelette) - This product is an ‘anti-aging exfoliating self-tanner with active vitamin d.’ It has potential but I recently got a natural tan from being outside and when I applied the towelette onto my face, I didn’t see any difference at all. I would say that it works best on more lighter-complected people.

Dr. Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel - I really did enjoy using this product because I loved how it made my skin feel after the fact. There are two steps to this process where step 1 exfoliates & smoothes the skin and then you go in with step 2 which firms and lifts the skin.

Hourglass - Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying in shade Shell - I really loved how skin-like this foundation felt! The shade wasn’t too far off from what I would be in this foundation. I applied it with a beauty blender and it did transform from liquid to powder! I was impressed overall.

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion 24-Hour Eyeshadow in: Original, Eden, Minor Sin and Anti-Aging - Of course the original is a cult favourite which dries invisible and keeps even the most vibrant colours in place. Eden is more of a nude matte formula which I enjoyed using. The third one is ‘minor sin’ which is a shimmering formula which has a slight pink tint to it which I enjoyed. It transformed my nude shades from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette to more purple-toned shadows which I found to be very cool! Tip: I accidentally squeezed too much product out of this same shade and I just used my fingers to use it as a base for my highlighter on my face which worked out perfectly! Lastly, the anti-aging formula was nude shade and helped to colour-correct as well as to blurs any flaws. I traveled with several of these primers and thought that this was a genius sample pack!

L’Occitane En Provence  - Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea - This is great to put in your purse or take on-the-go. I do have dry hands due to my psoriasis and this really gave me the kind of moisture that I was looking for that my hands really needed. It is a great product.

Colgate - Total Clean Mint Toothpaste (x2) - This was a very standard and basic toothpaste to use. It is great to travel with and keeps your breathe smelling fresh.

Until next time,


Berrz <3

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