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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Easy DIY Decorative Pieces for Halloween

Hey Everyone!

I absolutely love Halloween! It is one of my favourite holidays!

I have a video on YouTube where I show you in a fun (and spooky way,) how to make these festive mason jars & DIY Potion Bottle along with the other two projects shown below! Watch it simply by clicking on the play button right underneath this text!

The Bloody Doormat

Supplies Needed:
- A plain white sheet
- A cup of water
- Red paint
- Fake Blood (I used the one by Graftobian)
- A disposable plate
- 2 paintbrushes (one smaller and one with larger bristles used for splattering the paint)
- Newspaper or flyers for lining the work space
- A board that will be the base of the doormat (you just wrap the canvas around it)
*You can also use red nail polish. Get creative with it!

The Process:
I laid out my white sheet and folded it in half making sure to have the base underneath of it. I also lined my area with flyers to make sure that no paint would go on the carpet. I then took my larger paint brush and ran my finger through the bristles to splatter the paint. I also dabbed it on my canvas, ran the brush over and used the smaller brush to basically whip the paint onto the white sheet.

I also painted my hand red and then pressed my handprint firmly onto the canvas. I then added some water to my hand and a little more paint to get a more intense handprint. You can also use your feet to get bloody footprints onto you doormat, but I chose not to do that. I then used my Graftobian Blood Gel to apply even more paint on the work area. 

I even dipped my paintbrush into the water and flicked it on my canvas to create a different texture and effect. I basically used all the aforementioned techniques until I covered my white sheet and then I let it dry overnight. When it is completely dry, cover your board (you can get samples or scrap pieces from Home Depot or similar places, but you may have to pay a fee,) with the sheet and you have yourself a bloody doormat! I chose not to cut my sheet because I want to use it next Halloween and I have an awesome idea in mind!

The Witch Broom

Supplies Needed:
- Smaller twigs and branches (used for the bristles)
- A larger branch (for the handle)
- String
- Rubber bands of different sizes
- Ribbon
- Safety Pins
- Possibly an extra set of hands
- Cutters that are meant to be used outdoors aka Pruners (I used two different kinds)
- Protective gloves (I used gardening gloves)

Instructions & Tips:
This project was trial and error for me. Also, I just walked to the park and gathered all of my branches and sticks for this DIY Project. In the video, you can see that I used smaller bunches of sticks and branches to put a rubber band around. I originally tried using one rubber band to fit all of the branches which was a complete fail because they slipped through and did not stay in place because there were too many of them. After you have your bunches all tied up, I tried going in with some string but that needed to be reinforced even more. I then went in with a larger rubber band to bond everything together.

Next, I leaned up the bottom portion of my broom and started cutting the excess pieces off. I wanted to make them a similar length. You can also notice that I used two different kinds of clippers. The branches with the leaves on them, I didn't end up liking after all. I removed all of those leaves and then was ready to put on the handle of my Witch Broom.

I had to cut an elastic in half and double knotted it to hold the handle with all the bristles aka branches in place. I then went in with some ribbon because I wanted to cover all: the rubber bands, the string and the indication where the handle is connected to the smaller branches. I just safety pinned mine twice but you can hot glue gun yours if you want. You can also add in some silver glitter to match your ribbon or something to glam up your broom, but I decided against that. 

Until next time,


Berrz <3

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