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Thursday, October 13, 2016

3 DIY Pinterest Inspired Halloween Treats

Hey everyone! Halloween is one of my all-time favourite holidays and I made some fun Pinterest Inspired Snacks that I'll teach you how to re-create! They are easy, fun and great kid-friendly desserts to make! I have my YouTube Video linked down below and I'm also going to give you tips and advice on my blog! 

I also have a video & a post on how to make some spooky yet Decorative Pieces for Halloween!

Candy Corn Jello Dessert

You will need the following:
- A large mixing bowl
- One spoon
- Yellow & Orange Jello
- Cold water & Boiling water 
- A funnel (I used a DIY one)
- Serving glasses or dishes

Then to top it off:

- Cool Whip (or you can substitute for whipped cream or vanilla ice cream)
- Candy Corn

The first step is to make the yellow Jello and I want to mention that I only used 2/3 of a cup of both boiling as well as cold water. I also used tall wine glasses to have my layer of Jello sitting inside. Before pouring in the orange layer, make sure that the yellow layer of Jello is COMPLETELY SET! That is honestly the most important part because we are layering two different colours of Jello here. You don't want a blend of the two colours - you want a clear line of separation between the two colours. After the yellow layer is set, go in with the orange Jello and evenly pour it on top of the first layer of yellow Jello. Make sure to use your funnel when pouring in the Jello if you don't have a steady hand!

You should have something looking like this. Put your glasses back into the fridge until the orange layer is fully set.

The best part in my opinion is adding the Cool Whip on top! (You can obviously add more than I did if you would like to.) Finally, finish it off with a candy corn which is definitely my favourite Halloween candy!

All Eyes On You
If you already watched my video, you are aware that I was trying to make red Jello worms but that was a total fail. You will not need: the straws, the rubber band or any plastic wrap.

Items Needed: 
- Red Jello
- 2 packs of Gelatine (I used the Knox brand)
- Oreo Baking Crumbs (or you can just smash up some Oreos)
- A large mixing bowl
- A spoon
- Both boiling water & Cold water
- A Mason Jar
- Clear serving glasses
- A funnel (optional)

Basically what I did was to combine two packets of gelatine with the red jello (make sure to still follow the directions on the box by combining boiling water with cold water). Again, I used 2/3 of a cup boiling and cold water. I stirred it up well, poured it in the mason jar and then set it the fridge without the top of the mason jar.

To fast-forward a little bit, since the Jello worms didn't work out, I literally broke the red Jello apart with my hands into small pieces that we will be using for layering. I then took a spoon and created a layer of Jello at the bottom following with a layer of Oreo crumbs. I did that until I ran out of Jello and it was close enough to the rim of the glass.

To make the spooky eye, you will need:

- Two Oreos that you will halve
- Red food colouring
- A toothpick
- A black jelly bean
- A knife

This is really simple. Take an Oreo, halve it and we will only be using the part with the cream filling. You can either eat the other half, or add it into your terrifying dessert. Take your toothpick and pick up some of that red food colouring. You will be creating the red veins on the eyes using your toothpick. Once you are satisfied, take a black jelly bean, cut it in half carefully with a knife and then place it in the centre of your frightening eye.

Finish it off by garnishing your spooky dessert with an evil eye!

Halloween Chocolate Spider Webs

Ingredients Required:
- Stick pretzels
- Chocolate of your choosing
- A bowl
- A pot of boiling water (to melt the chocolate)
- A clear piping bag (or you can fill the chocolate in a Ziplock sandwich bag and cut a hole in the corner for the chocolate to come out of)
- Scissors
- Parchment Paper
- A funnel to guide the chocolate into the plastic bag (optional) 

I used 10-12 stick pretzels for each spider web. You can alter that to your liking of course, but that's what ended up working best for me. I laid my spider webs on parchment paper, filled up plastic bag with the melted chocolate that I boiled in a bowl over the stove, (I did not end up using the funnel,) and started decorating! 

I didn't end up using the funnel because I just spooned the chocolate into the plastic bag and started making my circles. Be careful because it can be hot! You can add more rings of chocolate but I actually ran out of chocolate and settled for two circles of chocolate.

If are anxious to eat the spider webs shortly after you made them, a trick is to put it in the fridge for however long they need to harden up. I didn't do that and I just kept them on the parchment paper on the table until they were ready. I then cut on each side with scissors around the spider webs, to have them still resting on the parchment paper but I wanted them to be separate. You can see in the video that it was much easier to take them off that way!

And here is a closer look at my current Halloween nails!

Until next time,


Berrz <3

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