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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dermablend Long Wear Makeup Remover Review

Hey everyone! I really wanted to put this product to the test to see if it would remove my Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation that is both waterproof as well as long wear! I also want to see how well it would remove my liquid lipstick because those can be difficult to remove. Now let's see how it did!

Price, Where To Purchase & Claims
Dermablend Long Wear Makeup Remover retails for $22 and you get 5 fl oz/150 ml of product. This claims to be 'an effective gentle remover of long lasting colour wear makeup.' This is a cream based product and it also claims to 'leave the skin with a luminous, radiant appearance.' You can purchase it on the Dermablend website, Amazon or at Sephora (USA only.) 

How It Removed My Makeup 
When I began to massage the product into my skin, it reminded me of a cleansing balm in the sense that it was doing a great job at breaking down all of my makeup. It definitely broke down my eye makeup and face makeup the best. However, when I started to rinse off, I realized that there was this greasy film leftover on my face. Not much makeup was coming off my face and I even used more product thinking that would make a difference which it didn't. I ended up giving up and just went in with a makeup wipe to remove the film as well as the makeup that was smeared all over my face. Also, the scent left on my face reminded my exactly of when you use a face wash at a hotel and before you apply moisturizer, you smell the remaining scent left over from your face wash.

Overall Thoughts
I also want to say that I have rough skin on my hands due to having psoriasis on my hands for many years and this product actually got into the cracks of my hands! It was black from the removal of the eye makeup and I had to wash my hands very well to remove off of it. Also, I was very annoyed because there was a film that stained my sink a brownish, black colour and I had to get the bathroom cleaner to get it all out. Doing that at night was not fun and let me just say that in all of years that I have used makeup cleansers, not one product except for this one has stained my sink like that. Next time I use this product, I will use the product on my face to break down my makeup and then I will go in with a makeup wipe to wipe away the residue. I will have to go in with another cleanser after that because I can't go to bed without properly washing my face with cleanser and warm water. 

Would I Purchase?
If you're wondering: it was gentle on my skin, it did not break me out and it did not dry out my skin. This seems like extra work right before bed and it isn't very easy to track down this product in Canada after doing some research. I definitely need to use quite a bit of product, and on the back of the tube, it does say to 'place a generous amount on fingertips...' All in all, I definitely would not purchase the full size version and certainly would not recommend this product because it was not convenient nor hassle-free to use. It did not make my skin look more radiant or more luminous just for the record.

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