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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

BIG January Empties

Hey everyone!  I have been noticing some people are doing a yearly empties but that won’t work out for me because I feature a variety of different products and my collection would get too large. Also, I wouldn't want you to wait an entire year for another empties blog post! Imagine that? I really do enjoy writing empties posts and I will continue doing them on a monthly basis!

Selsun Blue Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - I have been using this for years now and it helps my scalp when it is very dry in the winter time. I will continue to purchase this for years to come!

L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Fibralogy Conditioner - This is an innovative product for people who have hair that is lacking thickness. They use ‘Filloxane’ which “penetrates and diffuses in the hair fibre. The hair expands from within.” I felt that my hair did get a little bit thicker and that is a big step for me. I love the scent of this conditioner and it was under $5 CAD. I would definitely re-purchase it because it is a very affordable product that lives up to its claims!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips For The Face (8 count) - These are my favourite kind of pore strips! They are targeted for the face, but I do use them on my nose and they work even better than the ‘nose strips’ because these are bigger therefore they remove more whiteheads as well as blackheads (if you have them!) These are very affordable and I purchase mine at Wal-Mart usually!

ELF Precision Sponge Trio (The Largest Sponge) - I thought that this was a great makeup sponge that was comparable to the the beauty blender! I hauled this in my Haul Video that I did a few months ago and I also included it in my October Favourites video. I think that this is a great sponge, my only complaint is that it is white and it gets stained therefore you are able to see all of the stains. It is bouncy on the skin and it lasted me 4 months.

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizer (15 ml or 0.5 fl oz) - This is described as a moisturizing gel-lotion with hyaluronic acid azulene, aloe vera and anti-oxidant vitamins A & E. This was included in The Hall of Fame Kit by Peter Thomas Roth that is available on the Sephora web site. You are receiving a $120 CAD value for only $44 CAD. I did enjoy using this moisturizer in the morning before my makeup application but I wish that it had an SPF! I liked the consistency and it absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a sticky feeling. I have extremely oily skin and this didn't feel oily on my skin at all which is a huge plus for me!

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye (7.4 ml/0.25 fl oz) - This actually came in the Hall of Fame Kit that I purchased on the Sephora web site. I believe that I got a bad batch of this specific item because when I put the eye cream on top of my moisturizer at night and sprayed my face with my ELF Makeup Mist & Set, I had white residue all underneath my under eye area. Don’t get me wrong, I do like other Peter Thomas Roth products and I have purchased two of his kits, but this one was a let down in my books. I couldn't finish the entire tube because it completely dried out my under eye area and left me with dry flaky skin.

Tarte Rainforest of The Sea - Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer (10 ml) - This is a gel moisturizer with a light scent that doesn't feel greasy on the skin and absorbs quickly. On the Sephora web site, it says, “Treat skin to this skin-quenching water gel. Powered by hyaluronic acid and tarte’s exclusive Rainforest of the Sea™ antioxidant complex, this cooling gel moisturizer helps restore skin’s natural hydration for skin that’s fortified, refreshed, and healthier-looking.” I enjoyed using this before I applied my makeup and a full jar of this (1.70 oz) retails for $47 CAD.

Adidas for Women Cotton Tech+ Absorbent-Deo in Pure Powder (45 g or 1.6 oz) - This deodorant lasted me quite some time. I used a different formula in the past which I preferred as well as the scent, but that to my knowledge has been discontinued as I no longer can find it in-store. This claims to be able to absorb wetness but I no longer sweat underneath my armpits therefore I cannot speak to that. There is 0% alcohol and it is dermatologist-tested. I wouldn't repurchase this and it wasn't my favourite to be honest with you. 

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin (80 count) - I have been using these for quite some time now and I absolutely love them! Every time I run out of a bottle, I immediately go-to the store to buy another bottle. I have an entire blog post dedicated to these wonderful strawberry flavoured gummies and you should definitely take the 30-Day Challenge!

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Scented Candle in Flannel - I actually featured this in my Haul Video and I purchased this when they were having their annual candle sale. I picked up 2 candles for $10.50 CAD each and it was a one-day sale. This is a more musky and masculine smell which I adore! I absolutely love the frosted candle holder and the label on the front is Christmas themed. I have already depotted the jar to use it to store something else in! 

Bath & Body Works Home Scented Candle in Roasted Chestnut & Cherries - This candle was part of a prize that I won at a baby shower. This isn’t a scent that I would have picked out on my own but I actually really enjoyed it! It isn’t as strong as Flannel and the cherry scent isn’t overpowering at all. This candle also burned quick than Flannel for some odd reason. Not sure why but I just thought that I would mention it here. The jar is glass and has weight to it as it is on the more heavy side. It doesn’t come with a top which I wish that it did for when I depot the leftover wax and store things inside but I will make it work!

Bath & Body Works Scented Candle in Marshmallow Fireside - I really enjoyed burning this scent in my room! It made the room feel more cozy and the scent wasn’t overpowering at all. I would definitely repurchase this scent in the future and it reminds me of the candle ‘Fireside’ from the White Barn collection. There wasn’t too much marshmallow or any marshmallow for that matter, which I could actually smell when the candle was burning.

Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Soap in Pumpkin Cupcake - I never realized before, but this specific kind of hand soap has only 236 ml and the gentle foaming hand soap has 259 ml. Needless to say, the foaming hand soap always lasts me longer. Anyway, this formula has pumpkin butter in it and when I was washing my hands, I noticed that they were more nourished as well as more hydrated - less dry than usual.

Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Warm Vanilla Sugar (259 ml) - This is a classic scent and I love the new label on the packaging which is perfect for the holidays as well as the winter time. It is described as, ‘rich, creamy vanilla sprinkled with sparkling sugar.’ I have purchased this scent in different forms in the past and I will continue to purchase it in the future!

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Sexy Dahlia Rush (The Sweethearts - 236 ml/8 fl oz) - I just want to put it out there for some who don’t know, but fragrances just like makeup products do indeed have an expiration date. Even though there is still product inside the bottle, the scent has changed and I have had this for a while now therefore, it is time for this fragrance to go. It is discontinued unfortunately, but I loved this scent and I also went through the lotion in the same scent at one point.

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist in Country Chic (236 ml/f fl oz) - I have had this scent for too long and I distinctly remember when it first came out! I have used more than half of this bottle and it is just time to let it go. I do not like it nearly as much as I did in the past and I remember thinking that I wouldn't like this scent at all but I actually learned to love it! The name is rather strange in my opinion and it is a light, refreshing smell. 

Bath & Body Works Into The Wild Passion Primitive Fragrance (75 ml/2.5 fl oz) - This is also a discontinued fragrance that launched in Spring of 2011. I feel like a lot of people didn’t even know about this scent and that it was a hidden gem! I remember purchasing this at one of their semi-annual sales and I found it one of the bins. Once I pulled it out, another lady asked me where I had found it because she wanted to purchase this as well because the packaging was so beautiful! My bottle is very beaten up because I usually would toss this in my purse and use it to refresh myself throughout the day.

Emergen-C Vitamin and Mineral Supplement in Acai Berry (30 Packets) - I swear by Emergen-C and have mentioned it on numerous occasions. When everyone at work was getting sick, I poured one packet into my water and drank it each day. Guess what? I never got sick while everyone else was getting sick or was already sick! This really boosts your immune system and there is 1,000 mg of Vitamin C in each sachet. It is a great source of electrolytes, antioxidants, key nutrients and vitamins! I prefer the Orange flavour over the Acai Berry but it all comes down to personal preference.


Makeup/Pore Minimizers
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - I have used this in the past and this formula glides right onto my face. It is very silky and smooth! I really enjoyed using it and it kept my makeup in-place throughout the day! I was very impressed with this primer. If you want to invest in a good primer, this is the one to purchase! My friend owns the full-sized version and absolutely loves it! 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser - This claims that it is suitable for blemished skin and that it will help your pores look smaller. It also ‘smoothes, primes and instantly mattifies.’ I have large pores around my nose and cheek area which intrigued me to add this free sample to my cart when checking out online. It is a Best Seller on The Body Shop web site and retails originally for $20 CAD for 30 ml or 1.0 fl oz of product. The formula is yellow, it glides onto the skin nicely, it absorbs quickly and the initial scent reminds me of a drink that I had in Cuba before. I didn’t notice that my pores got any smaller but I do like how it felt on my skin.

COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation Sampler - This was another item included in the Walgreens goodie bag and again, you get 6 different shades to try-out. There are 12 shades in total and I absolutely love the concept of this! I discovered that I am currently best suited for the shade Creamy Natural.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - This was a 100 point perk that I redeemed on the Sephora web site. I much preferred this product over the ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser. I felt that the Clinique Cleanser really did a great job at removing my full face of makeup at night. It did not leave a film on my face like other reviews stated. I felt that a little bit of this product went a long way and I really enjoyed trying it out! 

Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Serum (0.1 fl oz or 3ml) - I actually received a deluxe sample of this from the Sephora web site upon entering a promotional code. I did enjoy using it and it is described as ‘a concentrated blend of green tea and pine mushrooms to protect skin from environmental and lifestyle aggressors that cause visible signs of premature skin aging.’ If you are sensitive to smells, I don’t recommend this product to you but I honestly didn't mind the smell. This is a very moisturizing and hydrating product that I was using in the evening as part of my PM skin care routine. To purchase the full size which is 1.01 oz, it will run you $176 CAD. This is a Korean skin care company and if you don't want to shell out that kind of money, I recommend that you check out La Neige which is also a Korean company owned by Amore Pacific. It is more affordable and I have used products by them before and they have been excellent! 

Gold Bond Ultimate Moisturizing Aloe (28 ml) - This hand cream has 7 intensive moisturizers that help hydrate and nourish the skin. There is Vitamin A, C and E found in the formula. They use HYDRALAST technology for 24 hour moisturization throughout the day and it is both Dermatologist tested as well as hypoallergenic. It says on the tube that it is gentle enough to use on your face and I would for sure use it on my face without hesitation! It also stopped my skin from a constant itch that I had on my leg when I applied some on! I originally thought that Gold Bond was a product targeted towards more mature people but I was definitely wrong! I am glad that I was able to try this because this is such a good hand cream! I have psoriasis on my hands and this does not irritate it at all. It gives my hands the moisture that they need and it lasts quite a long time before I have to re-apply. I definitely would purchase this in a heart beat in the future! 

Bausch + Lomb Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution (60 ml) - I received this complimentary in the mail a few months back and I really enjoyed using this contact lens solution! It cleans and disinfects like any other solution, but this particular product claims to be ‘pH balanced to match tears’. It also gives you ‘up to 20 hours of moist lenses’. I have already gone ahead and purchased the larger sized bottle!

Dailies Total 1 Water Gradient One-Day Contact Lenses - My optometrist was kind enough to give me these to try-out. They were very comfortable to wear and they did not irritate my eyes at all. My only complaint is that I like re-usable lenses and these are daily wear lenses. You wear them for a day and then you toss them out which isn’t my favourite. I would not purchase these for that sole reason. 

Crest Pro-Health Advanced Gum Protection (20 ml) - I received this sample from my dentist and I really liked it! The toothpaste made my mouth feel minty fresh and very clean! My gums are not overly sensitive but I would definitely consider buying the full sized version of this toothpaste in the future!

Sensodyne Daily Repair Toothpaste (20 ml) - This may not be important to some, but this sample sized version was able to stand up straight on the countertop. That is something very menial that I really love about the packaging of different toothpastes when it is able to stay up vertically. The formula in-general wasn’t the best and I wouldn't purchase a larger size of this unfortunately. I don’t have sensitive teeth or any cavities and these features do not pertain to me but it may be more useful to those with either issue. 

Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture (53 ml) - It claims to help give you ‘softer, smoother skin after one shower.’ I would have to agree with that and it did make my skin feel very soft after just one use! I like both the formula as well as the scent! I definitely would use this product again! 

Jergens Vitamin E Moisturizer (365 ml) - This bottle took me quite a bit to get through and I really enjoyed using it! There were other selections to choose from with various beneficial ingredients and if you already don’t know, I really do love Vitamin E so this called my name! There are numerous benefits from using Vitamin E that you can read up about online. This was very mild scented and if you’re sensitive to smells, this will work out well for you!  

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs - This is an Eau De Toilette Spray and it is described as ‘ethereal and luminous.’ There is ‘an irresistible fruity floral with delectable notes of blackberry, jasmine and wisteria.’ The formula appears to be light blue in the little tube which I found to be rather cool, it is a softer fragrance than Chloe. You can definitely get away with spraying a few spritzes of this throughout the day. I felt like you needed to spray a lot of this and even then, it wore off very quickly! I enjoyed wearing it but I would not purchase a larger sized bottle even though it is very beautiful to have on display!

Stride Spearmint Gum - I received many of these in Toronto and I have purchased this gum many times in the past. This flavour is my favourite and the Sour Patch flavours are way too sweet for me and the Lemonberry isn’t my favourite. It is also very sweet and the flavour doesn't last too long. I love the updated logo and the fresh as well as modern look, that they gave the brand. It is definitely a lot more eye-catching than it was before!

Dream Water in Snoozeberry (74 ml) - I had never heard of this product before and I was very intrigued to try it out! It claims to ‘help increase total sleep and sleep quality.’ It is made in the USA and you are supposed to drink this entire bottle 30 minutes before you go to sleep. There are 0 calories and it is fast acting. It took about 1.5-2 hours for me to feel rather tired after drinking all the contents inside the bottle. The taste isn’t awful but it isn't my favourite.  

Be sure to check out my January Tops & Flops on my YouTube channel!

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FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I purchased all of these items myself unless they are in the Samples/Promo category. Some links are affiliate. 

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