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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sephora's Sleeping Masks

Hey everyone! I wanted to come on here and talk to you about Sephora's Sleeping Masks which are inspired by Asian beauty rituals! There are about 11 to choose from and there should be one to address your skin care concerns as well as your needs! 

I purchased the Algae Sleeping Mask because it claims that is, 'cleanses and detoxifies skin while helping to eliminate impurities for a fresh, radiant morning complexion.' 

Here is a visual of how much product that you are getting inside. It is impossible to tell unless you pop it out of its packaging. You are looking at 8 ml or 0.27 fl oz of product in each one. You can definitely stretch out your usage with one pod and one Sleeping Mask can last you multiple nights. 

On the back of the box, it tells you what each one claims to do for your skin. All the ingredients are listed at the very bottom in a small font. 

I did receive the Rose Sleeping Mask in my Sephora Mystery Bag that I featured in another blog post and that is why the barcode on the bottom of the packaging has been blacked out with a sharpie. The claim is that it, 'plumps skin and gives an immediate radiance boost for hydrated, more luminous skin.'

How To Use:
I was a little bit confused on how to use one of these sleeping masks at first. Basically, you apply the product onto your face at night and then you wash off any excess product that is left on your face in the morning. Once you are asleep, you let the sleeping mask work its magic and you will see the results the next day when you wake-up! It recommends to use all over your face, down your neck and also around your eye area. I did apply a thin layer onto my face and I brought it down my neck. However, I prefer to use my current eye cream and I just layered it on top of the Sleeping Mask.

Final Thoughts:
I really did enjoy the light scent of the Algae Sleeping Mask a lot more than I originally thought that I would! It wasn't sticky or greasy on the skin and it absorbed very quickly. It wasn't messy to use and it is a cream-gel formula. My skin looked more radiant in the morning and it was soft to the touch! Sephora should definitely consider making the packaging more convenient such as in form of a bottle or tube because you can't reseal the top once it is open! As I previously mentioned, you can stretch your usage out of each Sleeping Mask and it just isn't a one time only use situation. 

These retail for $5 CAD on the Sephora web site. There are a wide range of scents that have various benefits that you can choose from to fit your skin type!

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FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I purchased the Algae Sleeping Mask from Sephora with my own money and the Rose Sleeping Mask was sent to me in a Sephora Mystery Bag as part of a promotional offer. Some links are affiliate. 

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