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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Benefits of Elderflower

Hey everyone! In August, I had a mojito that had an interesting ingredient called Elderflower inside. I wanted to learn more about it and that is when I did a quick Google search. I found many amazing benefits that I wanted to share with you today! 

What Is It?
Elderflower comes from the flower of the tree. The extract of the flower is what is used to make medicine. The flowers and the berries can be used but the leaves, roots as well as sticks, should not be used whatsoever. There are different species of the Elderflower plant and interested enough, 10 identified species are found right right in North America!

- Used in traditional medicine in different countries and in various cultures
- Known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties (can use as a mouthwash or a gargle) 
- Typically used for colds, the flu and sinus infections
- Can help manage allergies and boost your immune system
- Can help reduce pain and swelling in the joints for those suffering with certain forms of arthritis
- Apparently it can help with constipation (it acts as a diuretic/laxative) 
- Allegedly, it can act as insulin and help reduce blood sugar levels

Using & Consuming Elderflower:
I wasn't able to find any Elderflower supplements and that is why I purchased that tea instead. As mentioned earlier, Elderflower can be used as a flavouring component in food and drinks such as my mojito. Elderflower extracts can be found in perfumes and Elderflower water is used in the eyes (to reduce redness) as well as on the skin. 

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FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I purchased this herbal tea myself. All opinions are my own and are truthful. Some links are affiliate. 

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