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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How To Get Smooth Lips For Fall & Winter

Hey Everyone!

Our lips need some extra attention in the colder months due to the drop in temperature. Having dry, chapped and cracked lips is not a pleasant sight which can also be quite painful. I want to share my routine that has been working to avoid having dry and peeling lips.

First, I like to go in with a lip scrub. I have been using the Lip Scrub from LUSH for years and have repurchased it numerous times. My favourite scent is the one in Bubblegum. I recently discovered the Velour Lip Scrub from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Pumpkin Spice Latte (which is perfect for fall,) and it has 5 more grams of product than the LUSH Lip Scrub. I dip my toothbrush in the lip scrub to get enough product on the bristles and I then scrub my lips with it. This will exfoliate your lips and get all of the dead skin off. 

Next, I go in with a damp washcloth with warm water and run it over my lips to get any of the residue off. This brings us to our last step which is to moisturize your lips with your favourite lip balm. My current favourite is the Lip Therapy by Vaseline in the shade Rosy Lips. You can use whichever one that you have on hand but the Vaseline Lip Therapy is what has been working best for me currently. 

You will want to exfoliate your lips especially if you go in with a dark matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick (as pictured above,) to ensure that you have an even application of the product. 

Of course, you can make your own lip scrub at home if you choose to do so. There are tons of tutorials and step-by-step instructions on the internet that you can find with a quick Google search. 

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Berrz <3

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