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Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Empties

Hey Everyone!

This blog post is a few days late and I wasn't sure if I would post it at all because I didn't finish very many products last month. However, I still wanted to get something up for you and decided to post it anyway. 

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Re-Nutrition Intense Mask - This product contains royal jelly and it is "active serum enriched." It lasted me quite a long time and I really did enjoy using it. My hair felt softer and more moisturized after using it! I would put it in my hair before I would go to sleep, put my hair in a bun and wash it out the following morning. I would definitely repurchase this product because it is effective and it is very affordable!

Classic Clean Sea Breeze Original Formula - This is an astringent and it claims that it "deep cleans down to the pores" with a "tingling, refreshing feeling." I would have to agree. I had previously used the blue formula for sensitive skin and I would have to say that I prefer that one much more!

Life Brand Skin Firming Peel-Off Face Mask in Honey & Caramel - It is free of parabens and it claims to "hydrate and tightens skin." I did notice that it did both however, I did not smell any caramel at all. It is rather on the messy side because it is a peel-off mask. Also, when applying, make sure that you put on a nice evenly coated layer because if you apply it too thick, it will take forever to dry and it will not be fully dried when you decided to peel it off making a very messy situation for you to deal with.

rue beaute! Grapefruit Vitamin Rich SOS Hydrating Face Mask - I actually found that my skin drank up this face mask! It is extremely hydrating like the name suggests and I really enjoyed using it!

rue beaute! Blueberry Extract Emergency Makeover Face Mask - These sheet masks are very easy to use and I enjoyed the scent of this mask!

rue beaute! Coconut Hydration Rehab Your Skin Face Mask - I would suggest checking out these sheet masks because they are only $1.99 USD for one and they do wonders for your skin!

rue beaute! Hangover Ginseng Face Mask - It claims that it is "soothing and hydrating for even skin." I love the packaging and the word "hangover" made me laugh and that is why I purchased this mask in the first place to be honest with you.

Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel Antiperspirant in Cocoa Butter Kiss - This is a great smelling deodorant but I feel as though I need to reapply throughout the day. I really like the clear formula!

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Driftwood Surf - I absolutely love this scent and it reminds me of men's cologne! It is "a blend of: nectarine blossom, ocean driftwood and warm amber."

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Watermelon Lemonade - This scent was decent but I would not repurchase it. It isn't one of my favourites sadly. I wish there was more of a watermelon scent than a lemonade scent to it.

Orange Naturals MagPop! in Tangy Orange - I received these three samples to review and I always keep it 100 as you all know. I did thoroughly enjoy these because of the convenience factor and also, it is great for taking on the go! The orange flavour is great and you can read more of my thoughts regarding this product.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes in the Citrus Scent - These come in very handy! They don't take up much room in your purse and I even can clean various surfaces using these!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - I have a lot of individual packs of these and you will see them quite frequently in my upcoming empties blog posts! I adore these wipes and remove all of my makeup!

Benefit Dew The Hoola - My friend gave me this sample to try-out and even though I haven't ever owned the original Hoola Bronzer in powder form, I have swatched it in Sephora multiple times. I can tell you that the original formula is much better than the liquid bronzer. I do not like it because even though it is easy to apply with a beauty blender, it shows up very light on my skin even though I am on the more fair side. I wish it was darker in colour and do not recommend this to anyone with tan skinned or even darker than that!

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid in Juicy RG50 - My friend also gave my this sample to test and this shade worked pretty well for my skin tone! I loved the formulation and it did not oxidize on me throughout the day. My skin looked flawless and I loved the coverage that it gave my skin! I would say that it is a medium to full-coverage foundation. I applied it using my beauty blender and it looked fantastic! The price tag is a bit steep as one bottle retails for $55 CAD. Also, the finish is more dewy because there is argan oil inside. I would recommend setting it with a good powder before going on about your day.

Stay tuned this week because I have a fun blog post coming out & I will be posting another Project 10 Pan blog post shortly!

Until next time,


Berrz <3


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