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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why I Love Warehouse Shopping | Adidas Warehouse Sale 2016

Hey Everyone!

I went to the Adidas Warehouse sale a few days ago and even though I waited 2 hours to check-out, I must say that it was worth it! I will start off by saying that I was disappointed in the women's selection of clothing and bought ALL men's clothing because I liked the styles much better.

This first bomber jacket was the only one that I seen and I found it randomly when I was standing in the check-out line. When I got to the cash, there was no tag attached and she gave me this jacket for only $25! The style number on this jacket is AB7671 in-case you are wondering and is in a size small. I love the side pockets and the interior pockets!

Here is the next bomber jacket that I purchased. I knew that I would get good use out of it and I have been wearing this almost every single day! It goes with pretty much everything and I am obsessed with the interior because it is camo! The style number is AB9686. I paid $30 for it and is in size small.

This next jacket is probably one of my favourite items that I bought from the entire sale. It is called a Greeley Insulated Jacket and the style number is S89036. I only paid $50 and it is a size small. They refer to it as a skateboarding jacket online but even though it is oversized, it is very warm and I can't wait to style it!

I also managed to find this zip-up when I was standing in line. I love that it is all black and the stripes going down the side are matte. Another woman asked me if I was purchasing it because if not, she would and I told her that it was mine. I didn't find any others like it and there was a black & white version of it but I didn't like it at all. The style number is AB7770 and is in a size small. Only paid $25 for it. The stripes look more grey on camera but they are in-fact black in-person. 

I was honestly debating about this hoodie for a decent amount of time but I am glad that I decided to pick it up. It is extremely warm and I love the detail on it! The hood is what sold me on it. I will be wearing it when I run errands or if I am just hanging around the house on a more chill day. It is in size small and I only paid $25 for it. The style number is AB3527.

I came across this crewneck when I was rummaging through a bin in the men's section and this was the only one that I seen still in the plastic! I pulled it out and new that I had to have it because it is so unique! It is in size large and will be very oversized but I am okay with that. It is navy and the Adidas logo is a snakeskin print and it continues on the back on the sweater. It was only $25 and the style number is AC0487.

The last item that I picked up was this amazing vest! I was looking for a smaller size earlier in the day when I was at the sale, but I accidentally came across a size small while I was waiting in-line! It was meant to be! There were also other people looking at it, picking it up and putting it down. I quickly grabbed it and I am overall so happy and excited to start styling it! The style number is AB3536 and I paid $25.

I spent over $200 but honestly, think about how much I saved. I didn't think twice about many of the items other than the one hoodie that I had previously mentioned. If I had paid full retail price for these items, it would have been closer to $1,000. I didn't see any shoes that caught my eye and this warehouse sale versus the last one that I went to last year, was more apparel focused which I didn't mind.

I will definitely be attending the next sale and I suggest you do too!  It was at the International Centre in the GTA. It is worth it and remember to go in with an open mind and you won't be disappointed! 

Until next time,


Berrz <3


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